Despite being an essential, shopping for the right bra can sometimes be seen or thought if as a luxury spend. See why this is not the case and the price you have to pay in terms of your health for bad choices.

Sagging Breasts
Breasts are made up of tissue and do not have any muscles. Breasts therefore need to be well supported with a bra that fits them properly and which encases all the breast tissue and provides adequate lift. When breasts do not get the support they need they will begin to sag.

Shoulder Grooves
This occurs when the straps are too tight and you are carrying access weight on your shoulders. The straps begin to dig into the shoulders causing much discomfort and in some cases skin bruising and abrasions. Women feel that by tightening the straps of their bra they are lifting their breasts and giving them more support. However, this is the job of the band and not the straps.

Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Back Pain, Pinched Nerves and Headaches
This too occurs when straps are too tight and you are carrying access weight on your shoulders. The weight of the breasts sits on the shoulders through the straps. This increases the tension in the shoulder region – because one would have tightened the straps too much with the hope of providing lift for the breasts.

Poor Posture
When your straps are too tight and you experience tension in your shoulders you tend to slouch as you are experiencing strain from your straps. You feel your shoulders being pulled forward into a permanent slump. Over time this leads to poor posture as your shoulder muscles have taken strain. This muscular tension affects your breathing and also leads to neck, shoulder and head aches.

Skin Abrasions, Rashes and Infections
This can occur for numerous fit issues. When the straps are too tight they can dig into your skin causing the skin to tear or bruise. Also, if your underwire moves around this too causes friction against your skin leading to skin abrasions. Skin irritations also occur with the band is too tight or too loose. When the band is too tight it creates irritating welts under the wire. When the band is too loose we can end up with under-spill where breast tissue rubs against the skin and can lead to rashes and even infections, especially when we sweat.

Stretch Marks
This results when the breast tissue doesn’t receive proper support and the breast tissue begins to sag. When the breast begins to sag the weight of the breast is being pulled downwards and hence the formation of stretch marks.