We’ve hacked the sizing system to bring you more options and an even more precise fit!
Just when you thought finding one amazing bra would be impossible, we’re here to tell you that she has sisters, a few of them too, both big and small – and they’re all here to make you feel your best!
Even though the concept might have you feeling bewildered by your bra at first, sister sizing is simple and actually makes perfect sense.


Simply put, sister sizing suggests that when a bras cup size changes, its band size needs to change in relation too. This is because we need to find the equivalent bra cup volume in other sizes.
For example the sister sizes of a 30E would be a 32D, 34C, 36B, 38A. Yes, you read right, we’re saying that you can be a 30E and a 36B. Sounds crazy hey? We get that, but it’s true.
For every band size you go up, you would need to go down a cup size. This is because your aim is to ensure that you’re getting a comfy, yet snug band while achieving a well-filled cup at the same time.
Sister sizing helps a fitter ensure that a customer finds the perfect band and cup size match, while still taking into account bra style, design and fabric.