So you fit in, look fine and feel fab’!
Now we just need to keep things fresh for a few years!

Here’s how:

The longevity of anything is the way you handle things in its entirety (true on so many levels huh?!). The longevity of your lingerie is no different.

It’s in the way you wear it…
Finding your true fit means no more fiddling and fixing. Just by eliminating this on a daily basis (sadly some even hourly) will help keep your fabrics strong as yanking at them consistently over long periods can contribute to a loss in elasticity. There’s a simple art to putting on your bra.

  • Step1
    Bend forward slightly.
  • Step 2
    Slide both arms through the straps and fastened the band at the back. Be sure to get all your breast tissue encased in your cup before hooking up. For new bras and bras in year one of use, the first/least tight hook should be used.
  • Step 3
    If you cannot fastened your hook at the back, wear a silk or satin chemise before putting on your bra. You can then hook your bra on at the front, slide it (with much ease due to the silk fabric) to the back without tugging at the fabric, and slip into your straps. By either hooking up your bra at the back or using a silk fabric to move your bra around you are caring for your bra and increasing the life of the fabric.
  • Step 4 
    Now that you’ve got your bra on properly (less the tug of war) it’s time to tweak for true comfort. Adjust your straps, as these may have loosened from the previous wear, sweep your hand over the top of your breasts to ensure that all breast tissue fills your cup, scoop the sides as well and ensure that the band wraps horizontally around your body at the same level. (This will be demonstrated to you with greater detail when we meet at your free consultation).

Once you’re ready to remove your bra for the day, gently unclip the hooks and slide the straps off your shoulders. Keep your bras together and away from direct sunlight.

Hand washing your bras is always first prize. Simply because it is a gentle, individual wash. Sorry ladies, I would love to tell you to just throw them in the wash but that’s never going to be a good idea.
Hand washing your bras isn’t a complicated process. Simply rub each bra gently (give a little extra attention to your band and areas close to your underarms) with a mild detergent and rinse in cold water. Cold water keeps fabrics fresh and strong and colours vibrant. Once you’re done, drip and air dry them (no tumble drying!) in an area that does not have direct sunlight to prevent fading.
Do not wring or iron bras.

If you really must put them in the wash, it would be a good idea to put them in a lingerie bag before popping them in. Hook up each bra to prevent tangling and chose a gentle cycle with no spin option as under wires may bend or come apart during the wash. Machine washing is never recommended for underwired garments – and it is always a good idea to read the care labels first.

They work hard for you all day, show them some love and watch them stay supportive for a few years.
Quality far outranks quantity in this area of shopping so opting to own a few good bras is always a better idea.
Take the initiative, invest in quality items, stay informed about product care and fall in love with your intimate wear, every day!