Have you had a life experience that has brought you closer to your true self? It doesn’t have to be something huge, maybe even a thought, that moment when the penny drops and the pieces fall gently and seamlessly into place, in perfect harmony – while you’re left blissful or even just calm and content on the inside.
It is said that for something to come into your reality, it needs to first come into your experience. We’d love to hear about those experiences. Those moments, people, places, products, struggles, words, successes, tragedies… that helped you embrace, express or follow your true nature and live a more authentic life.
We believe that the rise of a woman, isn’t hers alone but rather the rise of a family…of a community…of a nation.
We believe that magic happens when women come together and support each other, sharing their stories, learning from each other and ultimately growing together. Let’s leave these intimate stories behind, for our daughters to emerge from, united, and strongest in the place that carries her…inside.

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