It’s the first thing 80% of women get wrong every single day – despite being an essential item that lives with us from our younger years. It’s a need to be addressed. Because we don’t dress to impress – we dress to express. And, the way we feel reflects our inner success.

Well fitted lingerie is one of the tools that bring an underestimated, unassuming power to help women fulfil the truest expression of themselves. The belief in their beauty, the sexiness of their self-confidence and the realization of their self-worth – all necessary to develop generations of trailblazing women.

Yet, a well fitted bra is a tough find – and an area of shopping that often doesn’t leave a woman wanting to run out the door. We’ve settled for what was available, managed through the limitations and compromised to fit in – – empowerment versus settlement – and settlement often won.

Welcome to True10.

We’re ‘Ingineers’ and our ‘powerfit’ goal is simple.

We choose to work actively, individually and artfully with women from the inside out – taking the time to understand their personality, lifestyle, fabric and style preferences, unique bodies and fit challenges in order to cater to their intimate apparel needs. Wacoal Europe, our international experts who have been designing and manufacturing exceptional lingerie for women for the past 70 years then makes accessible to us their ranges of high quality, luxurious, size inclusive, well-priced, fashionable items that offer impeccable fit to leave women feeling comfortable and beautiful.

Powering up starts from the inside and we’re geared to bring you a transformational experience that will be your spring board to realizing your true worth and believing in your true power first thing, every morning, every day, every time! Lingerie won’t change the world, but the women wearing them will!

Two things you won’t associate with us – a tape measure (because we don’t see women as rigid forms that require complicated, formula driven, sizing methods that date back to the 1930’s) and a sale sign (because all our items are carefully priced to ensure that our value exchange reflects our truth. We want women to feel secure knowing that no matter what day or time they shop with us, they can be assured of our best, in all aspects)!

My Truth

My determination and inspiration comes after many years of frustration and desperation – a journey I am immensely thankful for. Because, I believe, the only time anything will ever be real is once it has come into your experience. I want to replicate my inward success in as many women as possible for I’ve seen the true beauty and felt the power of women who come together; to help and to heal, to inspire and to improve lives, to learn from and lift…we need each other to grow from and give to. This is my labour of love.

We get so much joy from unions. But we first need to unite with ourselves. Love, listen and learn from within. It’s time to Fit In To Stand Out!

True10, introducing you to yourself.

With much love and respect, Thrusha

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