We believe that to unlock true power, limitless potential, true self-love, all you need is the right tools. Well-fitted, comfortable, beautiful lingerie that speaks to your lifestyle, enhances your silhouette, forms part of your personal style and looks and feels great to you is one of those tools. Our interest isn’t in the lingerie you invest in, it’s in the woman it reveals.


We don’t take upliftment lightly. The idea was to start something that both solves and serves. So even before making a dime, my start-up has committed to donate, forever.

“If we want to change things and truly make a difference, we can’t expect others to do the work. We must look inward to move forward”.

To True-ly connect with others we will be donating 5% of our profits and 5% of our time spent in consultations to BRAve, a Foundation set up by us to uplift others. I wanted to do something meaningful and make a permanent financial commitment. Starting on Day 1 therefore made sense as a step forward.


Knowing that 80% of women worldwide wear the incorrect bra for their body leaves me feeling very uncomfortable. I’m determined to play a role in changing this unacceptable statistic. All our consultations will therefore be free of charge, even without a purchase. Because our focus is on the woman who leaves knowing, understanding, loving and embracing her true self.


Women are unique. And, unique needs lots of options. We will find your fit and get you what you need either through our on-hand stock or through personal pre-order. Fab’ outcome no matter what the journey.


Life may be choice-driven but leaving home without a bra sadly isn’t one of them. As an essential item we believe that pricing should always be reasonable. All our items are carefully priced to help ensure that every woman has the best possible opportunity to make purchases that helps her express her feminity and fulfil the truest expression of herself – and to ensure that no woman ever misses the opportunity of buying at a great price. We have trimmed down wherever possible to help you power up. Our purpose is for you to possess a powerful product that unleashes your potential.