The belief at True10 is that a woman has all she needs within herself. Her potential is limitless and it is in her true nature to love, care for and support others.

This is why we have formed The BRAve Foundation – a non-profit charity designed to support and uplift young girls by taking action to make a difference in their quality of life.

To be brave can mean many things. The dictionary defines brave as “having the mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty.”

For some bravery is needed to buy a home, get married, have kids, get healthy or start a business. To others bravery is needed to let go of people or situations in order to find peace or personal growth. Embracing your true self requires bravery, together with leaving your place of comfort and taking up challenges.  Finding your perfect fit often comes with difficulty and it was your bravery that brought you to us.

But being brave and having the courage to overcome a negative situation seems impossible for many young women – and without our support they may never find their inner power and the help they need. When women come together we become an even stronger force of infinite possibilities. If we can help others, while helping ourselves then why not?

We don’t take upliftment lightly which is why the establishment of The BRAve Foundation was so fitting. We needed to create a permanent path, making moves that mattered, to ensure that the positive change in one woman helped benefit another. This was our way of passing the baton of bravery and serving through sales.

Similar to lingerie shopping, we believe that foundations are fundamental which is why we have focused our efforts to helping young girls, early on in life, to overcome challenges, realise their true potential and do the necessary inner work so that they can live a fulfilled life.

In creating true and lasting connections inside or outside our studio – online or offline we have designed a ‘powerfit’ 5+5 formula where 5% of all profits plus 5% of all our time spent with clients will go towards the upliftment of young women. So even if you leave our fittings without a purchase you can still feel fantastic knowing that your time spent with us has contributed to the empowerment of a young girl.

The BRAve Foundation will direct all money and time earned to initiatives such as the provision of books, stationary, tuition fees, counselling, rehabilitation, nutrition, health care, motivational/empowerment engagements and other unique needs that act as barriers for development. The power of simple acts of kindness and small amounts of time can never undervalued. Lingerie shopping doesn’t follow a one size fits all approach and we believe neither does helping others. Our struggles are different and every heart follows its own path to find harmony.

Love & gratitude for all your support.