The thought of ‘fitting’ one more thing into your weekly routine scares most women. Eight hours of sleep rarely happens along with sitting down to meals. So why should anyone try to juggle their days to have a bra fitting?
You may think that it’s an hour or so better spent on sitting down to coffee or just getting ahead on your to-do list but once you make time for a fitting you’ll leave feeling anything between amazed, inspired, relieved and even excited.

Eight out of 10 women wear the incorrect bra. This certainly is not a case of ignorance equals bliss. And, we’re determined to help women get the support they need. Our fittings are customised around each client and the experience aims to help women understand both their bodies as well as the engineering of a bra better so that we can find a perfect match for every client. Our fittings are the first step in building a lasting relationship with our customers and aim to assist us in finding the ideal lingerie solutions for every women that joins our family.

Getting fitted is the one favour you owe to yourself so that you can truly embrace the often underestimated power that comes from well-fitted lingerie.
We’re so convinced that you’ll leave with zero regrets that we’ve literally put our money, time and resources where our mouth is and have made all our consults free of charge – even without a purchase.
There really is no catch. It’s our labour of love.

Our customer-driven approach means that you decide when to get fitted. Send us 3 days with times that best suit you and we will get back to you with the option that works for us too. Fittings can be booked from 7am until 6pm Monday to Friday and from 7am until 11am on Saturdays and Sundays.